Metlife to sunset majority of perm products

MetLife to Sunset Majority of Permanent Products

Effective February 3, 2017, MetLife will no longer accept submitted business for the following products:

  • Promise Whole Life
  • Promise Whole Life 120
  • Promise Whole Life Select 10
  • Promise Whole Life Select 20
  • Promise Whole Life Select 65
  • Guaranteed Level Term (face amounts less than $1M only)
  • Secure Flex Universal Life
  • Provider Universal Life
  • Legacy Advantage Survivorship Universal Life
  • Equity Advantage Variable Universal Life

Brighthouse Financial will make the following life insurance products available and they will not differ from their current MetLife versions:

  • Premier Accumulator Universal Life
  • Guaranteed Level Term (minimum face amount will equal $1M)
  • One Year Term

This is an unfortunate decision that reduces the number of life insurance product options available to consumers, but we at The Milner Group are dedicated to helping you find the best alternative solutions for your clients.

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For more information on MetLife’s decision and key dates, please click here.

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