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Why The Milner Group?

Personal Attention: The Milner Group’s commitment to our partners extends well beyond illustrations and case management. We strive to forge lifelong relationships and work with you in the manner that best fits your practice.

Superior Underwriting: We have revolutionized impaired risk underwriting over our 6 decades in business and continue to place cases others simply cannot.

Custom Design: Our team values your clients as much as you do and is dedicated to crafting tailored solutions that will give you confidence and save you time.

Invaluable Knowledge: We give advisors access to thought leaders keeping you informed about cutting-edge strategies and industry developments that will impact your clients.

With over 60 years of empowering advisors and giving clients financial freedom, we invite you to become a part of our legacy by creating your own.

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Successful advisors

3 B+

Annuity Premium


Years In Business

$ 40 B+

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Our Services

Marketing Support

We help you look good in front of your clients by providing marketing and presentation materials. We conduct regular training sessions to equip you with the latest techniques and ideas that will help you make an impact.

Advanced Case Design

We help put together a financial strategy with right products. We work with you to facilitate client information and make sure we meet every need. Then, we help you build a plan that everyone will be comfortable with.

Superior, Impaired Risk Underwriting

We are changing how insurance is designed and delivered for those with medical concerns. Our carrier relationships allow us to get your clients the most cost-effective protection available.

Access to Top Carriers and Products

We've partnered with more than 50 insurance carriers. This allows us to offer the most competitive products. We share your focus — finding the right solutions for your client.

Efficient Licensing and Contracting Process

All forms are submitted through our private and confidential online licensing system. We also handle any new appointments without any extra work on your part.

Comprehensive Case Management & Support

We review all applications for prior to submitting to carriers, ensuring all business is processed as efficiently as possible. We then track cases placed and provide regular updates.

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