Privacy Statement


Protecting your privacy is important to The Milner Group and to our employees. We want you to understand what information we collect and how we use it. This policy serves as a standard for all employees of The Milner Group for collection, use, retention and security of nonpublic information.

What we collect

First, we must collect a certain amount of personal information about you in order to provide customer service, offer new products or services, evaluate benefits and claims, administer products, and fulfill legal and regulatory requirements. Therefore, as part of our servicing of your requests, we may obtain certain non-public personal information about you. This information includes facts and data that we receive from you, your medical providers, medical field examiners, medical information providers, government agencies, current or past employers, credit agencies and/or other authorized persons on applications, company required forms, feedback forms, client/account information forms, needs analyses, telephone calls, service requests, correspondence, process requests, claim forms and other processing forms; facts and data about your transactions with us, our affiliates or others; and facts and data we receive from consumer reporting agencies.

The Information Collected May Include:

  • your name, address, telephone number, email address, date of birth, Social Security number, age, gender, marital status, assets, bank account number(s) and financial statistics.
  • your relationship with us, sum as products or services purchased, policy values, payment history and claims history.
  • your employment history, sum as your occupation(s), your income and your employer(s) and years of service with employer(s).
  • your creditworthiness and credit history.
  • your criminal record (if any).
  • your medical information, such as your health background and health status.
  • your hobbies.
  • your travel history and travel plans.

Use of the Information Collected:

  • we collect and use the information to the extent needed to conduct our business and provide necessary services to you.
  • we restrict access to the information to authorized individuals who need to know this information to provide service and products to you.
  • we maintain appropriate safeguards to protect information about you.
  • we will verify that any persons requesting information about you or your relationship with us is entitled to such information prior to providing it.
  • we do not share non-public personal information about you outside our company other than to service your request, or as authorized by you, or as required or permitted by applicable law
  • we require any organization that provides assistance to us in administering or reinsuring contracts or providing services on our behalf to you to maintain the confidentiality of your non-public personal information and not use such information for any other purpose.
  • we do not allow non-affiliates to offer their products and services to you without your consent.
  • we only share personally identifiable medical information with affiliates or non-affiliates as may be permitted or required by law, authorized by you, or necessary in connection with the issuance, verification, or administration of the insurance service you requested.

The law does permit us to share information about you with our affiliates, including insurance companies and insurance service providers. The law also permits us to share information about you with companies that perform marketing services for us, or other financial institutions that have joint marketing agreements with us. The information we share with our affiliates or service providers need not be directly related to our transaction with you.

If we change our privacy practices, we will provide you notice of all material changes. This vacy notice supersedes all previous notices with respect to matters described herein.

How to tell us not to share your information

If you prefer that we not share your information with non-affiliated third parties, please call The Milner Group at 800-926-9206. Otherwise you do not need to do anything as a result of this notice.

You will be informed of changes

As required by federal law, we will notify you of our privacy policy annually. We reserve the right to modify our privacy policy, but we will tell you promptly.

If you cease to be our customer

If you become an inactive customer, we will continue to adhere to the privacy practices described in this notice.