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Vitality by John Hancock - Know the Benefits

John Hancock has implemented an innovative program called “Vitality” which is designed to provide lower cost term and permanent life insurance.

It is a points-based program that involves tracking client activities, such as annual checkups and daily physical activity.

John Hancock provides each policyholder with an activity tracker (e.g. Fitbit, Jawbone, Garmin, etc) in order to record fitness levels. The product offers additional benefits, including discounts on fitness gear, hotel stays, and even cruises.

How JH Vitality Works

Rates are based on bronze, silver, gold, and platinum point categories. Clients have the opportunity to redeem points for special rewards.

It is important to know that your clients are automatically quoted at gold levels and are guaranteed this level for the first year.

However, if they don’t maintain this level, their rates can go up—even on term insurance.

Please click the here for a complete guide on this program.

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