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The simple (but highly effective) question you should ask more often

Sometimes, it just takes one question to open the door for more opportunities (and more sales).

That’s why, especially during Life Insurance Awareness Month, we’re telling our agents to ask each of their clients this simple question - “When was the last time you reviewed your life insurance?”

We know that you have a lot on your plate and remembering to talk about one more thing is not that easy. But remember that the work you do is unbelievably important, so don’t grow weary.

To make the most of this process, we recommend you go over these key points to have a successful policy review:

Coverage amounts###

Has anything happened since the policy origination that may have changed the client’s coverage needs?

Ownership and beneficiaries###

Are there any changes that need to be made to the beneficiaries or owners of the policies? Quite often, life events occur that necessitate changing these designations. You don’t want your client angry with you for not recommending this.

Performance and costs###

How has the policy performed since the last review? If any cash value has been added, your client will want to know. Also, if anything has changed that may affect the affordability of the policy, it’s good practice to keep the client abreast of those changes.


There’s never a better time to ask for a referral, especially if the client is happy with the policy. Remember to be specific in the type of referrals you’re looking for. Also, ask for them to make the introduction, instead of simply giving a contact.

Use these tips to turn existing client relationships into more opportunities. It all starts with a simple question.

P.s. Life insurance awareness month is here so please take a moment to watch this video from Life Happens. It is a great reminder of how vital life insurance really is.

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