One that got away

The One that Got Away: How to Close the Big Life Insurance Cases

As with fishing, almost every advisor has a story about the one that got away.

We are referring to that whale - that big client with tons of assets, a need or even a desire for life insurance, and the cash to pay for it. Yet, somehow, just when it seemed you were about to pull them into the boat, the line broke and they were gone.

In the Retirement University series webinar below, we cover premium financing. It may be just what you need.

If you have a painful story of your own, or if you want to avoid being a victim altogether, this concept can help reel in that once in a lifetime opportunity.

We will be looking at why some clients love this idea. We will give you a vision for who the ideal candidate is for this concept, and we will give you an overview of how it works.  In addition, we will go over some ideal scenarios and help make a list of prospects that will find value in this solution.

This idea is big and we look forward to expanding your vision for the role that life insurance can play in the finances of wealthy people and business owners.

Click below to watch the webinar.

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