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Protect Your Agency's Online Reputation - Financial Advisor Lead Generation

The quickest way to tell how insurance prospects see you is to Google yourself.

Establishing a favorable reputation is a work in progress. For some, it’s a lifetime achievement. You should protect that hard-earned reputation. Be just as vigilant about protecting your reputation online. In the technological age, it’s a killer for business to have a negative online reputation.

What Prospects See###

Unfavorable reviews can put your agency down the hole. An effective financial advisor marketing strategy must include reputation management.

Potential clients will quickly become apprehensive if they see a negative review of your business. And when there’s already doubt, it’s difficult to get rid of that mistrust.

Here are some steps you can take to maintain a trustworthy online presence.####

1) Be vigilant

There are many tools designed to track a business’s online reputation. You can use Google Alerts to get notifications if someone mentions you. So even if you’re dealing with other tasks, you’re aware of what’s happening online.

Once someone mentions your agency, respond in a timely fashion. If it’s a positive review, give thanks. If it’s negative, stick to the issue and give a respectful response.

2) Be engaged

Social media plays a huge part in shaping a business’s online reputation. Set up top social media profiles. This will ensure that Google searches for your name results in properties you control.

This is a great strategy to reach a wider audience and gain more insurance leads. The key here is to engage with potential and current clients. There should be balance in your posts. It shouldn’t be just about your agency and what services you provide.

People will respond more if they feel that there’s a person behind the social handles.

3) Be relevant

If a prospect searches for your agency’s name, you’d want to be found in the best light. One way of doing this is by presenting yourself as a knowledgeable, trustworthy professional. This also means backing it up with content and knowledge.

Create a blog where you can impart your expertise about insurance. Add informative materials prospects can use. If you present and back up your agency as an expert, others will see you as one.


Your reputation is the most important marketing tool in your arsenal. Make sure to be proactive about your online reputation as well.

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