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More Than Business: Life Insurance Means Something (How to Tell That Story)

Selling life insurance is so much more than just business.

It’s more about the good that it can do for each and every client you have, as well as for each of their families. Every person has a different reason for buying life insurance which makes finding the “Why” the most powerful tool that you have in closing each sale and securing one future after another.

Casting a Vision for Its Importance##

You know what a great role life insurance plays. If you can uncover the reason they want it and need it, then you can share a compelling story for how it will bring them financial peace of mind. It’s up to you to cast the vision for the importance of life insurance. Ultimately everyone wants to know “Why do they need it?” and “How will it affect their lives?” To answer those questions focus on these key factors:

  • Why protecting the future of the people they care most about matters
  • Why financial security should be a priority and how insurance coverage brings peace of mind
  • Why they will find tremendous tax advantages in life insurance
  • Why it is valuable to pay off debt and preserve the future of their family or business
  • Why they might want to leave an inheritance and how efficiently insurance can do that

Once you have mastered these five points, it will all boil down to how you tell the story to each prospect.  If you can do that well, asking them to sign on that dotted line will be the easy part.

Delivering the News##

Death is another thing that is constant in this life aside from change, and the biggest difference between the two of them is that once you go through change, you still have options after that. But once death comes to you, there’s no turning back.

This is something that you have to explain to each of your prospects, they all know this to be true but it is easier not to think about it. Everyone wants to avoid thinking about their death so it makes it incredibly important to slow  them down and help them think.

Use these approaches to make your presentation more effective:

1) Find out more about them###

How many kids do they have? Who, or what do they care about outside of their family? What motivates them, what are they excited about? How much property do they own? Are they in debt? Finding out about all these pieces of information is not prying too much into their lives. This kind of knowledge will allow you to help them better as you figure out what kind of coverage would be best for them.

2) Make it personal###

Always make the entire process relatable to your prospects. If they are heavily in debt, help them understand that this will not be an additional debt for them but a way for their family to escape the vicious cycle that the debt would bring should they pass away unexpectedly. If they have no idea how to fairly distribute their assets , help them understand the leverage life insurance can provide in assisting their children and grandchildren.

3) Humanize the process###

Don’t just stick with the numbers. Throwing one statistic after another will only scare a prospect away. Share a story from someone in a similar position to help them see how they will feel once they have moved forward. Emotional connections are key to transitioning insurance from an option to an actual need.

4) Develop a real relationship###

In the process of finding out about a prospect’s background, you are building an actual relationship with them. Show empathy as they tell their story. Express understanding if they tell you about something difficult. Go beyond the transaction and tell them how you will help their family if they were to die unexpectedly.

At the end of the day, it will all boil down to how you help your prospect understand their “Why”.  Life insurance is a need for every family. You just have to tell them the story of why it matters to their family.

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