Reach 2016 goals

How Insurance Advisors Can Still Reach 2016 Goals

With the first quarter drawing quickly to a close, it is a great point in time for insurance advisors to stop and reflect. Where are you in relation to your goals?

Are you ahead of schedule?

Getting off to a fast start is so encouraging, and it is a tremendous opportunity to increase your goal and aim even higher.  When we talk to producers that are really knocking the ball out of the park, they tend to capitalize on early momentum rather than relax and enjoy their success.

Are you on track?

Making it through the winter months with your annual goals intact and still achievable always provides you with a boost. Consider how a new concept or sales idea might help you open a few large cases during the second quarter; those large cases may be exactly what you need to exceed your target.

Are you behind schedule?

When March ends and the weather begins to improve there is nothing worse than feeling like your annual goal is completely out of reach. What can you do? How can you redirect your focus? A proven technique that will help you work your way out of a slump is to start small.

Find your one thing; this one thing should be a core driver that will by default take you where you want to go. For some of you it may be new appointments, for others it may be referrals, or it may even be something as simple as how many phone calls you make every day. You want to find one thing that you can track and that will allow you to win over and over. These small wins add up and before you know it they start to become big wins.

Do you even have goals, at all?

For those of you that go through the year waiting to see what will happen, we believe there is a better way.  You no doubt have your reasons for not setting goals, but over time, you are much more likely to end up where you want to be when you are working towards something measurable. Many years ago Albert Gray gave a speech about success to a room full of life insurance salespeople.

Much of what he said is timeless, but one thing really stands out:

Successful people form the habit of doing things failures don’t like to do.

Make this the year you adopt the habits of successful people.

In his new book, Smarter Faster Better, Charles Duhigg makes the case for two different types of goals; stretch goals and smart goals. Stretch goals are big outlandish things that would be great but you have no idea how to accomplish them.  Smart goals are manageable, achievable goals that you know you can hit.

These two types of goals complement each other and when used in concert together can help you do what today seems impossible.

So wherever you fall on the spectrum, we want to help you get where you really want to be. Whether you have been in the insurance world for a long time or are brand new join us for a training day at our office.

We will cover goal setting, prospecting, avoiding pain points in the underwriting process and much more. Consider this an opportunity to be reminded of the things you used to do that worked but that you quit doing.

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