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Hole-in-One: 5 Traits Top Insurance Agents and Professional Golfers Share

Being an insurance broker isn’t much different from being a professional golfer. You see, in a former life, I was a golf professional for one of the top clubs in the country. Now, I help insurance agents provide the best health insurance solutions to their clients. Over the last few years, I’ve learned a few things about the best of the best in both professions.

Here are 5 traits top insurance agents and professional golfers share.###

1) They Plan Ahead##

There is not a single (successful) golfer who expects to show up to a tournament and come out on top by “winging it”. On the contrary, the best brokers and the best golfers have a similar approach - they do their research. They prepare for the course ahead.

If you have a previous relationship with your client, then you have a head start. A top agent of ours has his assistant print up a one-pager on every single client or prospect he visits. This sheet is complete with everything from prior health history to the names of his children and major events in their lives.

Do your research. Know who you are “playing with” and you will be more likely to find success.

2) They have confidence in their abilities##

It’s natural to get nervous about your first tee shot of the round. Everyone is watching and you don’t want to shank one out-of-bounds, but if you have done your homework and have warmed up properly, you know you will pipe this one right down the middle. Despite the high pressure of the situation, the real pros never appear shaken.

The new health insurance landscape can be highly stressful and, at times, quite frustrating. Regardless, the successful agents are confident that they can guide their clients in the right direction, every time. That kind of confident approach is what successful agencies are built upon.

3) They have a passion for what they do##

For successful agents and golf pros, the ability to have fun is just as vital to winning as any club in their bag. You see, genuine love for the game is absolutely vital, as is a genuine compassion and love for people. Take the time to really invest yourself in the well-being of your clients. Take them out to lunch if that helps. Show them the kind of person that you are - enjoyable to be around.

For many clients, this is what they will remember most.

4) They finish##

For top insurance professionals, this is the 18th hole. No matter how well the round has gone prior to this moment, the job isn’t finished yet. Make no mistake, you provide a necessary and important service to families and individuals. If you are successful, you are likely driven by a mission to help people, first and foremost. But a top broker knows that no one goes home happy until the deal is done.

Don’t be afraid to ask for the sale. Go for the close. The day is won when the ball drops in the cup and the client signs on the dotted line. ##5) They Follow Up## After all the dust has settled and the round is over, reach out to your new client. Thank them for their business and ask them to introduce you to someone that would find value in the work you do. Check in from time-to-time and, hey, maybe even ask them to play a round of golf.
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