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Are your annuity prospects getting any younger?

In a recent article by Marlene Y. Satter, she confirmed what has been buzzing throughout the industry: Millennials are focusing on the benefits of annuities.
These days it’s not difficult to understand why investors, at any age, would gravitate towards safe money solutions. The overwhelming feel of the economy despite the 6-year Bull Run is groggy at best. Investors increasingly want the best of both worlds; guarantees and growth. In large numbers, insurance carriers are responding by coming to market with performance based fixed index annuities that answer the call for safety with upside potential; real upside potential. Gone are the days of products that only afford downside protection with little increase to the client’s pocket. With fixed guaranteed rates at all-time lows, the masses demand more.
This article takes a brief look at one segment in particular, Gen X. When asked if they were saving or able to save, where were they most likely to invest? A whopping 52% said they were “very” interested in annuities.  Fixed annuities lock in guarantees and offer a reliable source of income in retirement. Who doesn’t want that?
The market is expanding and opportunities are plenty. Are you missing out?
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