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5 Secrets a Great Life Insurance Broker Should Know

Did you know that a great salesperson sells 4 to 10 times more than an average one? This percentage separates the pros from the rest of the lot. This can also make or break the success of any life insurance brokerage in Georgia.

You should learn how to take the leap from being mediocre to great. This allows you to change the way people look at insurance brokerage services forever.

Here are a few secrets that would help you become a great life insurance broker:

  • Go after big prospects. Sure, it’s easier to talk to low-level prospects. It’s always easier to sell to people who have less demands and less questions. But staying inside this comfort zone will leave you in a position where growth is not as fast. Leave your comfort zone and go after higher prospects. Once you get better at it, you’ll find that you can close huge deals with less effort.
  • Discuss how your product solves their problems. Always start with the problems that you know your clients are already facing. Cap it off with how your product provides solutions to these problems. This is a better approach than just giving a blow-by- blow account of what each product or service does. Each potential client you talk to should be able to say, “I NEED this life insurance broker.”
  • Ask for the client’s budget. You can’t just throw your products’ prices to every potential client you talk to. Get a better idea of what your client is willing to invest with your insurance brokerage firm. From here, you can provide customized solutions that fit the figure they’re willing to shell out. Once they feel that the coverage is not enough, it will be easier to adjust and add to the cost as needed.
  • Provide options. Never give a single solution to your potential client. This will leave them thinking that they have no other choice. Always think about the client’s needs and provide 2 or 3 solutions that they choose from. This allows them to feel that they have complete control of their investment.
  • Never stop learning. Even if you’re doing better than everybody else, never think that you have nothing left to learn.One day, someone is going to overtake your numbers. The market is forever evolving, after all, and there will always be new techniques to learn. Attend webinars and always look for new approaches you can try.
    Becoming a great salesperson can be a huge challenge, but it’s a challenge worth taking on.

Tune into The Milner Group and learn more secrets to selling through our webinars each month.

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