Legacy of Innovation

In 1866, Major John C. Whitner sold his first policy for property and casualty insurance to one of the many Atlanta businesses recovering from the Civil War. Little did he know the profession he was adopting would still be apart of his family six generations later.
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As it happened, his efforts helped revolutionize the manner and method in which insurance coverage was designed and delivered to those with medical problems.

When Willis J. Milner, Jr. started the company in 1958, it was the first brokerage agency in the South.

In 1979 when we hired computer programmers to design a multi-company application processing system, it was the first in brokerage.

When the National Association of Independent Life Agencies created their prestigious HD Mooers award and elected the recipient, Seixas Milner was the first. When choosing an insurance broker to pilot their imaging and uploading systems, three carriers chose The Milner Group to be their first.

We were the first to start brokerage, the first to automate, and the first to image. We are continuing that legacy of innovation today.

The Milner Group Through The Years


Major John C. Whitner sells his first policy for Property & Casualty in Atlanta, GA


Willis J. Milner Jr. works with life insurance carriers to help pioneer how life insurance coverage is delivered to risks previously thought to be uninsurable through traditional underwriting practices and The Milner Agency is founded


Seixas Milner assumes leadership of the company from his father and becomes a founding member of NAILBA (The National Association of Independent Life Brokerage Agencies)


Invested in automation technology by employing computer programmers to design the first ever multi-company application processing system


Chip Milner becomes President/CEO of The Milner Agency


Among the first members of Lifemark Partners, one of the largest distributors of life insurance in the country


First to pilot imaging and uploading systems for three of the largest U.S. life insurers


The Milner Agency 50th anniversary celebration. The same year, eclipsed $250 million in annual fixed annuity premium


Revolutionary Snap-App Program developed by Abby Milner Mann


The Milner Group launches innovative Policy Review platform


Seixas “Chad” Milner, III becomes President and CEO
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